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Les cultes dans le désert

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Introduction - Meetings of the Huguenots in the Open Air (assemblies)

When the Edict of Nantes was revoked by Louis XIV in Ocotber 1685, Protestant churches were destroyed. It was forbidden to hold Protestant services anywhere. Many Huguenots left France. Some of those who remained began to hold services in the open air in secluded places the Church of the Desert was born.

Even earlier, at the time when the Netherlands were ruled by Catholic Spain and Protestant services were forbidden, "hedge" sermons had been held in Antwerp and other places in 1566. The tradition of conventicles (assemblées) has been preserved in the French Reformed Churches till the present day. (Jochen Desel)

Protestant service in the open air
Assemblée dans le désert
Protestant service in the desert - L'Assemblée du Désert
Clandestine baptism in the desert
Protestant service in the desert
Hedge sermon near Antwerp
Protestant service in Alès
A Protestant service in the desert, surprised by soldiers
A Protestant service in a quarry
Calvin's sermon in the grotto near Poitiers
Hedge service of Reformed Protestants

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