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Chodowiecki - History of the Huguenots according to Erman and Reclam

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Chodowiecki - The Great Elector welcomes the Huguenots to his territories.
Chodowiecki - The Great Elector on his deathbed recommends the refugees to his son
Chodowiecki - But he's a Huguenot
Chodowiecki - The Huguenots set up factories in Brandenburg
Chodowiecki - Well, rather than deprive them of assistance, I would sell my tableware.
Chodowiecki - Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg, permits Waldensian refugees to return to their homeland and showers them with gifts.
Chodowiecki - The Huguenots spill their blood for the glory of their new fatherland
Chodowiecki - The first French Church the Huguenots were allowed to build in Berlin
Chodowiecki - Marshal von Schomberg presents the Huguenot soldiers and officers to the Great Elector

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