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Arrival and Reception of the Huguenots in Germany

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Reception of the Huguenots by the Great Elector


(8 of 12) Reception of the Huguenots by the Great Elector
Chromolithograph by Carl Röhling (1849-1922) - dimensions: 13.9 x 19.6 cm.

In an almost childlike manner, Carl Röhling depicts the procession of Huguenots arriving from the left in front of the entrance to the palace in Potsdam (?) on the right. A Huguenot minister wearing a gown and carrying a Bible is pointing to the refugees and asking the Elector for aid. In the background a building and a church can be seen.

Literature: Röhling, Carl und Richard Sternfeld: Die Hohenzollern in Bild und Wort. Berlin (1899), p. 23.

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